An Almost Full English

After a couple of layovers in London and a couple weeks in South Africa, I fell back in love with one of my faves, the full English. Minus the eggs and meat it was basically vegan, and had protein, fiber and an amazing mixture of flavors: everything you could want in a breakfast.

So I decided to make my own. The key was patience. I fried the mushrooms on medium heat until they were crispy and caramelized (coconut oil, a splash of liquid aminos, and a dash of rice vinegar) and roasted the tomatoes the same way (Just a little salt and olive oil). I was a little worried about burning but the extra time was worth it. They were amazing. I used baked beans from Trader Joe’s, though next time I will probably use the large spicy beans for better flavor. I microwaved the hash browns for a couple of minutes then fried them in a little olive oil with rosemary and paprika. So simple, so delicious.

I decided not to do tofu eggs, because I’m so sick of tofu eggs. Instead a had a little piece of gluten-free toast with this cheese spread from Riverdel cheese shop near Park Slope.