Getting Started.

I’ve been a vegan for four years. A couple of years ago I became really interested in vegan recipes, especially those that were vegetable-centric. I’ve always had a difficult time tolerating fake meat.

And after a couple of years, one very short indie cookbook in desperate need of professional editing (and pictures!), and many, many Instagram posts later,  I’m trying to do this thing for real.

Step 1: Get a dedicated Instagram. Check. Follow me @theblackfinchvegan

Step 2: Finish drafting the next cookbook.

Step 3: This time, remember to take pictures.

Step 4: This time, remember to get an editor.

Step 5: Do it all over again.

For the last six months I’ve been reading every cookbook I could get my hands on and making dish after dish after dish. There will be an abundance of personal posts about how I got to this point. For now, suffice it to say Vegan cooking, food writing, etc. is quite a pivot for me professionally.

I graduated from law school in 2016 and spent the next year and a half failing to write the novel I’ve been working on for years. Instead, I started cooking, and going to vegan restaurants and playing around with new vegetables and cooking methods. So I decided, maybe I should try food writing for real.

Thanks for reading my first post. Asa reward, here’s a recipe for a quick vegan caesar dressing:

Mix together the following until you have a smooth mixture:

2 tbsp Lemon juice

2 tbsp Vegan mayo

1 tsp apple cider vinegar or caper brine, if you have some

Italian seasoning

Thin with unflavored non-dairy milk. Best when tossed with salad greens rather than drizzled on top.